This is a photographic record of walks I have taken in the five boroughs -- posted in rough chronological order.

I'll skip around from borough to borough as the mood strikes me. I'll add captions and occasionally a brief
commentary but, for the most part, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves


City Lights

January 30, 2017


Radio City

Women's Protest March Against Trump: 5th Avenue

January 21, 2017

 A Human Right

Marching for Democracy

We are the Wall

103 Sreet and Broadway

December 11, 2016

 The First Snow

A Problem Has Been Detected

Chelsea Market

November 23, 2016


 A New York State of Mind

 Silent Encounter

Girl Dreaming of Pumpkins

116th and Broadway: Faded Glory

November 20, 2016

Greenwich Village

November 13,  2016

A Tree Grows in Manhattan

Guggenheim Museum: The Agnes Martin Exhibit

October 8, 2016

 Six Photographic Dioramas inspired by the artist

Passing By



Snap It




Governors Island (2)

September 23, 2016

Red Sail in the Harbor

At The Same Moment

Art by Lawrence Weiner at the ferry slip to Governors Island. 

Downtown Manhattan, Panoramic view

September 23, 2016

View from Governors Island

Queensboro Plaza

September 16, 2016

Checking the Lifeline

Elevated Line

Modern Lines

Between the Lines: Windows at Sunset

Museum of Modern Art

September 9, 2016

Brit in Shorts 
Painting by Henry Rousseau, The Sleeping Gypsy.

At a Distance 
Painting by Faith Ringgold evoking race riot of 1960s, American People Series #20: Die.

Union Square Park

September 4, 2016

 A Girl and Her Phone

The Thinker

13th Street

September 4, 2016

 Reflections in The New School Windows

Look, a bottle cap!

St. Andrews, Scotland

July 2016

 Ruin and Sky (2)

 Ruin and Sky

Graveyard Shift