This is a photographic record of walks I have taken in the five boroughs -- posted in rough chronological order.

I'll skip around from borough to borough as the mood strikes me. I'll add captions and occasionally a brief
commentary but, for the most part, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves



Chelsea Piers, September 2.

While other parts of the country suffers through a housing crisis reminiscent of the Great Depression, Manhattan is still undergoing a building boom. While elsewhere the headlines read "Default," here it's: "Another Crane Topples, Killing Two." And in Chelsea: buildings going up, sidewalks already jammed with yuppies and tourists provide outdoor seating for the restaurant and cafe crowd, lots of new art galleries and "energy" everywhere.

On a summer night by the Hudson, with Jersey City sparkling, there's an exuberant mix of walkers, joggers, rollerbladers and cyclists. As I walk along the Chelsea piers, I wonder where the money is coming from. Is it high tech employers like IAC? Is it the tourists from Europe and elsewhere who come here to shop at this new bargain basement? Is it still money spilling over from Wall Street? How much longer will the party last?

Ship in the Night

Night Jogger

Double vision

IAC building by Frank Gehry



Diane said...

Thanks Bob, I'm glad you liked the photo. Hey, what do ya know, people do exist in my photos! ;-) I was lucky enough to capture the feet of my best college friend Liz and her youngest son during a short visit to the NJ shore, before they moved to New Mexico.

Diane said...

I really like the final IAC photo. Cool! You always keep me on my toes by adding new photos to previous posts!

Bob Lejeune said...

Thanks for visiting. If I keep you on your toes it's 'cause you have happy feet ;-)

Frank Gheri is of course a wonderful architect. New York City could use a hundred more buildings like that one instead of the ugly, crappy boxes that have been going up for decades.