This is a photographic record of walks I have taken in the five boroughs -- posted in rough chronological order.

I'll skip around from borough to borough as the mood strikes me. I'll add captions and occasionally a brief
commentary but, for the most part, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves


Battery Park City: West Street

April 17

North End Way (Design by Preston Scott Cohen)

200 West Street

Note: The above picture may be pretty. Beautiful flowers can grow on a pile of dung. 200 West Street is the address Goldman Sachs. For those who don't remember, or never knew, Goldman Sachs is one of the bailed out firms that sold millions of dollars of junk "credit default swaps" to its own customer with full knowledge that they were almost worthless.  It is one of the major investment banks, along with Citibank and other "too big to fail" institutions, that precipitated the crash of 2008.  Most of us are still suffering while it thrives. Its CEO is a multimillionaire, an arrogant free man, while hundreds of thousands of his victims, down the line, lost their jobs and their homes.

Lego City


Susan said...

Love that 2nd reflection shot. Great colors....that's what your follower (scratch that...admirer) thinks.

Ebie said...

Hi Bob, thanks for show casing the other end of my Coast. I browsed through your photos and they all reminded me of my short stay (3 years) in NYC.

Beautiful photos. Love street photography and murals.