This is a photographic record of walks I have taken in the five boroughs -- posted in rough chronological order.

I'll skip around from borough to borough as the mood strikes me. I'll add captions and occasionally a brief
commentary but, for the most part, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves


Riverside Park and Roosevelt Island

November 8

 Ted Roth and I went shooting first in Riverside Park in the morning and then on Roosevelt Island in the evening. Ted was carrying a heavy pack with camera, lenses and a tripod attached. I had my point and shoot... and a light tripod that I never used. Now when I see a lot of blurry night photos, I'm sorry that I didn't. But it was a good day anyway, with great light and some night shots I like.

Two weeks ago I thought "Gantry" referred to Elmer. But there we were, on the West side of the West Side Highway, with a gantry in plain view.

Gantry through grass and trees

May I join in?

This park is clean and safe

Editorial: This new Southern stretch of Riverside Park, when first encountered seems lovely, with modern sculptures, decorative grasses and a bicycle path. But these cannot distract from the realities: its location in the shadow of of the Trump eyesores and the noisy West Side Highway -- nor from the smells that waft from the nearby sewage plant.

Night falls on Roosevelt Island

Corny, but I couldn't resist

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RI 360 said...

What I find interesting is that your picture is titled "Night Falsl on Roosevelt Island" yet the photo is not of Roosevelt Island but of Manhattan. Sure you took it from Roosevelt Island but the viewer is looking at Manhattan. I just find that interesting that you visit a place and document your walks through the place and the only segment of the photos connecting them to RI is the small image of the Tram. Perhaps that is enough. My apologies. It is late and I am beat.