This is a photographic record of walks I have taken in the five boroughs -- posted in rough chronological order.

I'll skip around from borough to borough as the mood strikes me. I'll add captions and occasionally a brief
commentary but, for the most part, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves


Long Island City

November 2, 2007

I returned to Long Island City, got off at the first stop in Queens on the #7 (Vernon Blvd.) and walking North along the East River, starting out at Gantry Plaza State Park, here's some of what I saw:

Welcome to condo land

Glass boxes waiting to be filled

View on the other side

This is a noisy place...

... with lots of action
(like this overheated car which drew two fire trucks to the scene) ...

... And where kids from the Ravenswod projects can play in the shadow of Con Edison ...

....which provides the power that makes it all work

... for the Pepsi generation

You'll notice it's hard to get away from Citibank, on either side of the East River.

On my walks I observed a couple of post-9/11 phenomena so palpable in this city: American flags at every turn and artifactual evidence of fear (perhaps they are the same). The sight of a camera puts every security guard on red alert; just walk into any lobby and ask to take a picture. And, in Long Island City, note the chain link fences and concertina wire everywhere. To keep prying eyes out, a black mesh is frequently added.

The Queensborough bridge

Flag on garage door

If you ever wondered where all the cabs come from, and haven't yet seen the new logo....

... and where the blood gets processed

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